Showman Handle Repair Kit

Showman Handle Repair Kit

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Showman Handle Repair Kit.  

This part is rarely needed.  However if your nylon nuts are overtightened, not tightened at all or your handle gets broken or bent it may be a necessary fix as this will cause loss of vacuum in the tank.  

If you have any questions on instructions below contact Capralite Support **BEFORE PURCHASE** at 601-938-6562.  


Remove handle by removing the two nylon nuts.  If one bolt stud is still intact leave it in place and cut the rubber double-sided tape to fit above or below.  The tape will create a gasket effect and seal the existing hole.  

If both bolts are broken, remove them both and place tape on Showman over both holes.  (make note of where holes are on the side of the tape as you will drill NEW holes)

Once tape is attached to the base, remove the other protected side of the tape and attach the handle to the tape.   Once in place, use a socket and a drill to drive the self-tapping screws supplied to "DRILL NEW HOLES" through the handle and into the base. 

*Do not overtighten.  

**Do not attempt to use the existing holes the screws are too small and will only create a new hole. 

***You may drill a pilot hole before drilling the self-tapping screws in although it should not be necessary.