Our Story

Every business has a story. This is one that spans across nearly four decades.

It is not known the exact year the Original Capralite machines were created.  We do know that it was prior to 1986 that a local farmer who owned a small metal working business came up with the design and idea of creating a portable milking machine and began selling it to some of the other local farmers.  In about 1986 a gentleman (let’s call him Mr Smith-we do know who he is but does not desire the notoriety) bought out that small metal working business and graciously continued manufacturing those machines along side the rest of the metal business.  In 1996 Furney Register recognized the usefulness and popularity of Capralite machines and purchased the business from Mr Smith.

Furney then produced and sold Capralite machines and many other goat products through the years by mail and through attending many shows as a vendor.  Furney had a flair for sales and delighted people with his salesmanship, stories and service of his products.  For over 25 years “Uncle” Furney grew the Capralite brand and provided the best Sales an Service of those machines.

 In 2021 Jason & Jennifer Porter,  searching for the perfect milking machine for their farm discovered Capralite Milking Machines.  Low and behold that machine was the Capralite and upon discovering that Furney was selling his business, the Porters pondered what if.  The Porters already operating other sales and service businesses, Porter Computer LLC (a Managed Serviced Provider since 2008) and From the Hill (an e-commerce company since 2010), were intrigued by the opportunity to build and sell milking machines.  After a short time, the Porters made Furney an offer and the rest is history. 

Jason and Jennifer, being breeders themselves understand the importance of how a milking machine should work and the different obstacles breeders often face.  The passion of raising, breeding and showing dairy goats and the opportunity to operate a business within that passion helped make purchasing the Capralite and Silverline brands an easy decision. 

At Capralite LLC we desire to proceed in all our doings that we give new life to the Capralite brand.  That we may continue to practice our mission to provide excellent products, sales, service, and promote the dairy industry.  

And may we never forget that the Capralite Milking Machine is the “Heart of the Parlor”.